Japanese right-wing gangsters harass Chongryon university

The Japanese right-wing gangsters kicked up a row before the Korean University in Tokyo in the morning of May 10.

More than ten right-wing gangsters who gathered before the gate of the university let out a stream of curses, holding placards that said, "The Korean University is one of death", "Tokyo metropolis, Cancel the approval of incorporation of the Korean University", "The General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) should not inflict pain upon children" and others.

Though the side of the university called upon the Kodaira municipal authorities and the police station in the region to check the riot, tens of policemen who arrived in the scene took no measure.

Several-hour-riot by the gangsters created a warlike atmosphere around the university.

Neighbors who witnessed the riot chanted slogans like "Right-wingers, withdraw" and "Halt national discrimination" and the Japanese citizens said they were deeply shameful though they were the same Japanese and that they could never pardon those who incited national discrimination.

The recent riot, the extension of the Abe group's moves against Chongryon, is a deliberate provocation aiming at imbuing the Japanese society with the chronic spirit of chauvinism against Koreans.

(KCNA - May 14, 2020)
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