With nothing can Japan cover up revanchist ambition


Japanese Prime Minister Abe and high-ranking officials made ritual offering, a tree called Sakaki, to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo on April 21 on the occasion of the spring ancestral rite day.

Abe at the Yasukuni Shrine Spring Annual Festival 'Sakaki' offering, April 21, 2020
Abe's offering to Yasukuni Shrine, April 21, 2020. (Screenshot NHK)

At a time when the world is undergoing havoc with the rapid spread of COVID-19, the Japanese reactionaries committed the undisguised action of recollecting barbarians in the Imperial era who brought horrible disasters to humankind. This is no more than a challenge against the desire of the international community for peace and stability.

This is a clear revelation of their sinister intention to avenge the defeat in the war at any cost by justifying the past history of aggression of the Japanese imperialists and calling back the departed soul of militarism.

The visit to the shrine and ritual offering, which take place officially and annually in the presence of a great number of political personages, are not just an issue pertaining to tradition and custom.

The sort of "etiquette" to the Yasukuni Shrine, the spiritual symbol of Japanese militarism, is an undisguised praise for the criminals who committed aggression and killing as their hobby, an insult to the people of those countries who suffered measureless damage at the hands of the Japanese imperialists and an open agitation to further extend the roots of militarism to the whole society.

The present prime minister who had been under fire from the international community for his visit to the shrine in December, 2013 has made indirect visits to the shrine in the form of ritual offering in a bid to ward off mounting criticism from the world people.

Whatever the form is, the true intention of the visit to lay the ideological and spiritual foundation of reinvasion and spread it by embellishing the past crimes and inciting militarism does not change.

Shortly ago, the Japanese reactionaries examined and approved lots of textbooks for middle school which totally distorted, massively reduced and weakened the parts dealing with inglorious history of aggression including forcible drafting of Koreans and sexual slavery in a bid to implant the ultra-right historical view in the minds of young generations.

The ritual offering was conducted at a time when the state of emergency was announced with the epidemic spreading all over the islands, only to clearly prove the Japanese reactionaries' invariable ambition of revanchism.

The stand to the shrine is the attitude toward the peoples of the victimized states and the past crimes.

Even the surrounding countries said that this action shows Japan's wrong attitude of approaching the history of aggression, strongly urging Japan to work hard to get trust from the people of Asian countries and the international community through its practical action.

Thorough apology and reparation for the past crimes is the bounden fate for Japan, a defeated nation.

The reactionary state going against the desire of mankind for peace and stability, not reflecting on its crimes, will only face isolation, denunciation and destruction.

The international community will never pardon the island country which whets a sword of reinvasion while denying history, being obsessed with militarism.

(KCNA - May 2, 2020)
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