Japan emerges as main player of war


The Japanese reactionaries have become more persistent in military acts of threatening regional peace and security.

In April the Japanese government newly organized an air transport force for dispatching units of "Self-Defense Forces" (SDF), including a unit with exclusive mission to defend remote islands, to battlefields. To this end, they introduced two Ospreys from the U.S. in recent days and plan to bring a total of 17 Ospreys within five years.

Ospreys, with the speed of above 500 kilometers an hour and with flying range of 1 600 kilometers, can perform intercontinental flight when refueled in mid-air. The introduction of the transport plane will offer Japan an independent ability to rapidly dispatch its aggressive forces everywhere in the world.

This is a very serious development as it is part of the ambitious plan of the military fanatics to emerge as a main player of a war at any cost.

It is well known that Japan has made desperate efforts to revive as an independent aggressive force despite its strict subordinate relationship with the U.S. to avenge its defeat in World War II.

Japan revised the "Japan-U.S. Defence Cooperation Guidelines" and adopted the "security legislation" to legalize the limitless arms buildup and overseas military advance of the SDF, saying that it is hard to fulfill its duty as an ally if its power is only confined to logistic support to the U.S. forces in case of contingencies in areas surrounding Japan.

What's more, its frantic moves to become a military giant as evidenced by the highest military expenditure in history, the possession of constitutionally banned aircraft carrier, the development of the long-range cruise missile, the introduction of at least 100 stealth fighter planes and the launch of the military reconnaissance satellite turned its SDF into the second most powerful aggression force next to the U.S. in the West.

The island country has pressed ahead with the plan to set up an outer space operation force, an electronic warfare unit, an air transport force and other new units in recent days. Lucking behind this is its aim to acquire the capability for perfect military operation and an independent capability to fight a war as early as possible.

If the revision of the constitution is made to grant the SDF the legitimate status, Japan, the war criminal state, will emerge itself as a main player capable of igniting a war to regain its position like the one in the era of empire at any moment.

Now, Japan is running amuck in separate military exercises as never before under the pretext of defending and retaking remote islands, and concentrating its troops on vantage points like major bases favorable for reinvasion including Miyako Island.

It is a matter of time for the descendents of Samurais, who are obsessed with militarism, to ignite a war again.

The Japanese rulers are sadly mistaken if they calculate the road to a war state will lead to their prosperity.

The Japanese reactionaries will be made to dearly pay for their ambitious old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere".

(KCNA - May 20, 2020 )

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