Iran resolutely defies US military threat

Iranian Noor-1 Satellite
Noor-1 Satellite (Photo Tasnim)

By Om Ryong PT

The US navy issued a warning on May 19 that it would take a relevant measure if any vessels sailing through the Persian Gulf fail to keep the distance of 100 metres from its vessels.

Reuters reported that the warning seemed to be a message to Iran.

Last month, too, the US had threatened to fire at Iranian warships and other vessels if they made trouble for it in the water area.

Its incessant threat has sparked a strong backlash of Iran.

As they demanded the US discontinue anti-Iranian conspiratorial manoeuvrings it made almost every day, the Iranian President, the national welfare council and the general staff of the Iranian armed forces stated that the Iranian armed forces and people would continue to reliably safeguard the country's territorial integrity as well as its waters in the Gulf.

That Iran's declaration of its stand is not a bluff has been proved by the measures it has taken to build up its defence capabilities.

The Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps launched the country's first military satellite in late April.

The satellite was launched from the desert in the country's middle part to successfully enter the orbit at an altitude of 425km.

The commander of the navy of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps announced that it increased the range of a missile launched from ship to 700km.

The Iranian army also unveiled a self-developed radar system.

The new air defence system is equipped with a three-dimensional satellite control system and has an operational radius of 400-800km.

It is reportedly able to detect small targets incorporating conventional and stealth technologies with high accuracy and resolution at low and medium altitudes.

The Iranian army has also taken over new drones, each of which can carry three bombs.

The drone has a flight altitude of about 14 000m and a flying range of 1 500km.

The Iranian navy commander announced his country's plan to build nuclear submarines capable of conducting military operations in international waters.

The commander-in-chief of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps reportedly ordered the units in the Gulf to deal a blow to US naval forces if they attempt to threaten the safety of Iran's civilian and war vessels.

Iran is steadfast in its stand never to tolerate any provocation against it.

(Pyongyang Times - May 29, 2020)

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