Historic significance of 7th Congress of WPK

Venue of WPK 7th Congress, May 6-9, 2016
Venue of WPK 7th Congress, May 6-9, 2016. (File Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Pak Yon
Rodong Sinmun

The 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea held in May, 2016 was a significant one of great importance in the history of the Party.

The historic significance of the Seventh Congress of the WPK lies in the fact that the congress put the historic march for modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism on a scientific basis and indicated a clear way ahead of the struggle for the construction of a powerful socialist country, independent reunification of the country and global independence and the struggle for strengthening the Party.

The validity and vitality of the strategic lines set forth at the congress were clearly proved in the practice in the past years. 

In the course of making advance by holding fast to the lines set forth at the Seventh Congress, the dignity and prestige of our State have been demonstrated at the highest level.

During the period since the congress, we have performed miracles, which others have failed to do even for decades, just in a few years, accomplished the great historic cause that equals conquering the highest mountain since the foundation of the DPRK and consolidated our country into an invincible fortress which no formidable enemy dare provoke.

In the course of making advance by holding fast to the lines set forth at the Seventh Congress, huge achievements have also been made in the economic and cultural construction.

The foundation of self-supporting economy has been cemented through the intensified struggle for implementing the line of putting the national economy on a Juche, modern and scientific basis.

In particular, the achievements we made last year were recorded in the history of the country as a result of the validity of the idea and line advanced at the WPK Seventh Congress.

The victories gained in the struggle to implement the militant tasks advanced by the congress are a valuable fruition of the mature and seasoned guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

It is the steadfast conviction of our people hardened in the past four years that the victory of the Juche revolution and prospering future are in store for them only when they follow the Supreme Leader.

They will achieve brilliant victories in the building of a powerful socialist country by thoroughly carrying out the ideas and lines put forth by the 7th Party Congress, firmly united around the Supreme Leader.

(Abridged by Rodong Sinmun and KCNA - May 6, 2020)
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