Gloomy prospects of Japan


People in Japan are becoming increasingly vocal denouncing the present government.

Transfer project of the US air base from Futenma to Henoko
Heneko (Google Map)
Some days ago, a civic organization in Okinawa Prefecture strongly protested against the authorities' act of going ahead with the transfer of the U.S. air force base from Futenma to Henoko.

The Japanese Defence Ministry had issued a draft amendment to a plan which aimed at sharply extending the period of the transfer project and increasing the cost, as soft ground was discovered in the sea off Henoko, and "applied" to Okinawa Prefecture for a change in the design on April 21.

Members of the civic organization demanded its immediate withdrawal, expressing their resentment against the government pressing for the project by taking the advantage of the period when it has become hard to allow gatherings due to the epidemic.

The authorities in Okinawa Prefecture also expressed their stand that they would not accept the pressure of the Defence Ministry for the change in order to check the said transfer and a main opposite party denounced the government for persisting in absurd policy.

This is a revelation of disillusion about the rulers engaged in only unpopular acts by persisting in kowtowing to the U.S. and a reflection of the public mindset really worrying about the future of Japan.

Now the Japanese people hope that the government would go along the road of genuine peace, not war after throwing off the shameful yoke of submission to outsiders.

But the Japanese reactionaries are positively backing their master in its hegemonic moves to turn the whole archipelago including Okinawa into an outpost of aggression in disregard of the people's misfortune and sufferings.

Lurking behind it is a vile sycophantic and treacherous policy of the politicians of the island country who cling to the coattails of their master out of the wild ambition to revive the old era of empire at any cost with the backing of the U.S.

Till now, the successive Japanese reactionary ruling quarters have covered all heavy expenditure on the U.S. military bases in Japan without making a word of protest against the criminal acts committed by the U.S. forces in Japan, and they even shelved the strong demand of the public mindset for getting rid of the policy of toeing the U.S. line.

Recently, when there occurred a case in which a large amount of toxic materials flowed out of the base in Futenma, they stood by the U.S. forces' side to cover up the case.

Although the Abe regime obsessed with flunkeyism and militarism has a dream of becoming "strong Japan" in return for its shameful submission acts, nothing will change in the fate of Japan as a slave of the master and a sacrifice for realizing the master's hegemonic strategy.

In 2013 there appeared in Japan "a theory of defeat in war" and "theory of democracy for a subject state" which stated that Japan will remain as a defeated nation forever and it is nothing but a tributary to the U.S. This caused a great sensation not only in the island country but in the international community.

Subordination and defeat in war are the fate which Japan invited for itself.

The future of miserable tributary Japan is extremely gloomy. 

(KCNA - May 12, 2020)
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