Frontal breakthrough requires joint innovation

DPRK Poster: Frontal Breakthrough
Let us implement decisions of the WPK 7th CC 5th plenary meeting!

By Kim Song Nam

We should kindle fierce flames of joint innovation on all fronts of building a powerful socialist nation in order to win a series of bigger victories and take greater steps forward in the revolutionary advance.

To effect joint innovations means to make concerted efforts for innovations from the standpoint of helping and taking responsibility for each other.

The flame of joint innovations is precisely the buildup of our own force, the internal motive force and great vigor of the frontal offensive for making a breakthrough.

To make joint innovations is a fundamental guarantee for achieving balanced and sustained development of national economy.

Today, the Workers’ Party of Korea lays stress on normalizing production in all sectors and units. Close cooperation between several sectors and units is a prerequisite to the normalization of production.

When every sector and unit solidify cooperation and bring about substantial progress and innovations mindful of their respective role in developing the country’s economy, can the independence and Juche character of the national economy be consolidated and the socialist construction be further accelerated.

To effect joint innovations is also an important guarantee for making continuous innovations and uninterrupted advance toward a fresh victory.

The flame of joint innovations rapidly spreads the successes and experiences of model units to relevant sectors and units. New standards, records and miracles are created amid the enthusiastic emulation drive for overtaking and learning from others, which serves as a motive force for making innovations and advance uninterruptedly without the slightest stagnation and standstill.

The key front in the on-going offensive is the economic front.

Our Party set forth clear tasks and ways for bolstering up and reenergizing the country's economy at the earliest date at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of its Seventh Central Committee and is now taking bold and timely measures one after another for their realization.

Steadfast are our Party's determination and will to build the best country on this land as soon as possible so as to make our people lead the happiest life in the world.

The recent remarkable changes witnessed in our country prove that when all the sectors and units raise fierce flames of making joint and collective innovations while helping and leading each other forward, there will be neither fortress unconquerable nor difficulties insurmountable for us.

We have the wise leadership of the great Party, rich experience of having propelled the development of self-supporting economy by means of joint innovations and the united and diligent popular masses.

All the officials, Party members and other working people should kindle the flame of joint innovations in today’s frontal offensive so as to actively contribute to brilliantly realizing the Party’s grandiose cause of building a powerful socialist country.

(Rodong Sinmun and KCNA - May 26,2020)
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