Let us firmly prepare youths to be vanguard fighters

DPRK Youth Power Country
Kim Il Sung Square embroidered with the lettering "Youth Power Country". (File Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Rodong Sinmun

Today's frontal offensive for making a breakthrough is a struggle for bringing earlier the bright future of our style socialism and it can make headway successfully when the youth advance in the van in high spirits.

The reality requires that ideological education of the younger generation be further intensified to make all of them fully perform their responsibilities and duties as vanguard fighters.

How the youth are educated and prepared is decisive of the destiny of the Party and the revolution, the country and the nation.

Our Party has foreseen the protracted character and arduousness of the revolution from long ago, and therefore has put great efforts on preparing them as the reserves of the revolution who will resolutely follow only the road of accomplishing the revolutionary cause of Juche in any storm and stress.

It is the shining fruition of our Party's idea of prioritizing youth and its leadership that the youth took the lead in defending the authority of the Party and recorded undying heroic epic in hearty response to the Party's call in every period of the revolution.

Youth is the main player who should be the vanguard and shock brigade in the ongoing revolutionary advance for opening up a broad triumphant avenue on all the fronts of the socialist construction by breaking through all the barriers to their advance.

So great is the loving care, trust and expectation of the Party from the youth. It is the intention of the Party that the youth should make steady advance full of courage and confidence in the van of the head-on breakthrough.

Party organizations at all levels and organizations of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League should fully prepare all the youth as trustworthy successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche and staunch defenders of socialism by means of a powerful ideological offensive and uninterrupted ideological education.

The general aim of the youth education is to train them as elite Kimilsungists-Kimjongilists.

What serve as nutrients here are the revolutionary ideology of the Party and the revolutionary spirit of Paektu.

It is imperative to prepare them as ardent patriots devoting themselves to the struggle for the prosperity of the country.

The Party guidance of the undertakings of the Youth League should be intensified.

Organizations of the Party and the Youth League, fully aware of the importance of the youth education at present, should train all the youth as true revolutionaries who are boundlessly loyal to the revolutionary cause of the Party and steadfastly defend our style socialism.

(Abridgment from Rodong Sinmun and KCNA - May 22, 2020)

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