Victory of socialism lies in living and fighting our own way

By Han Un Il
Rodong Sinmun

At present, our people are waging a frontal offensive for opening a broad avenue of advance to socialist victory under the banner of achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance.

It is the steadfast will and revolutionary stand of the Workers’ Party of Korea and our people to live and develop in their way however the situation may change.

To live and develop in our own way, herein lie the independent dignity and great prosperity of the country and nation.

Living in our own way means to think and act with the mind of our own and to make revolution and construction in keeping with the interests of our people and actual conditions of our country.

The materialization of the dream and ideal of our people and triumphant advance of socialism depend on living our own way.

To live and fight in our way is a prerequisite for safeguarding the Juche-oriented socialism.

Even in the worst adversity in which others would be disrupted a hundred times, the red flag of socialism have been fluttering on this land generation after generation and the DPRK has been demonstrating its might as a great independent power, impregnable socialist fortress. This is entirely attributable to having firmly maintained our own way.

In the course of having introduced the principles of Juche, our people have been honored with all glories unprecedented in the history of the Korean nation spanning thousands of years, and have learnt how to defend their dignity and rights.

It is also a major guarantee for giving fuller play to the advantages and might of socialism.

The epoch-making change in our country that developed from scratch and its skyrocketed strategic position are an amazing event through which we can be proud of our-own-way development.

Laying in developing our own way are the way to give full play to the true nature and great features of our society and the key to widening the gulf between socialism and capitalism as wide as the one between heaven and earth.

The high dignity and greatness of our state and people are entirely assigned to the fact that we have become stronger by dint of self-reliance.

Steadfast is the will of our people to ensure the victorious advance of socialism by dint of self-reliance and thus build the most powerful state to be envied by the world.

It is the eternal path of our revolution.

Our people will clearly prove the inevitability of socialist victory by living and developing in their own way under the guidance of the Party.

(Abridged by Rodong Sinmun and KCNA - May 5, 2020)
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