DPRK starts countrywide rice-transplanting

DPRK starts countrywide rice-transplanting
Rice is sovereignty of the nation. Agitprop members encourage farming workers. (Photo KCNA)

Rice-transplanting has started in cooperative farms in the DPRK.

The agricultural workers in South Hwanghae Province are in high spirits from the start.

They honor their daily quotas while ensuring the correct numbers of rice seedlings per phyong and per clump and the depth in planting seedlings as required by the Juche farming method.

North Phyongan Province transplants rice seedlings in thousands of hectares every day.

Cooperative farms in the province, keeping the right crop on the right soil principle, bring about signal successes in rice-transplantation every day to suit to the characteristics of soil and species.

Kangwon Province carries out the daily rice-transplanting quota as scheduled by the increasing operation rate of the tractors and rice-transplanting machines.

North Hwanghae Province ensures speed and quality in rice-transplanting while concentrating force on areas with lots of rice paddy field and taking measures for sufficiently supplying water.

The agricultural workers of Pyongyang, Nampho City, South Hamgyong Province and others positively introduce advanced farming methods and concentrate and mobilize all labor force and means available. 

(KCNA - May 15, 2020) 

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