Education by influence of positive examples

Party Committee of Sinam-ri, Ryongchon County (Photo Uriminzokkiri))
File photo shows a field education by Sinam-ri Party Committee of Ryongchon County.

By Kim Yong Il

In order to make the whole country advance by leaps and bounds filled with a collectivist morale of helping and leading one another forward, it is imperative to intensify education by influence of positive examples.

This education is an ideological education method with which to transform people into Juche-type revolutionaries and rouse them to revolution and construction by widely introducing positive examples created among the masses and making others follow them.

At present, intensifying education by influence of positive examples is a prerequisite for fully demonstrating the revolutionary features of our people who are boundlessly loyal to the ideas and leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea.

It is also an important requirement for training all the people as genuine ones who devotedly work for the good of the country and people, society and the collective.

The germ of positive examples, laudable deeds and innovation should be found out and held up.

All the sectors and units should intensify education by influence of positive examples in order that our own internal strength can be fortified and the advantage and might of our-style socialism be displayed to the full in today’s frontal offensive for making a breakthrough.

(Rodog Sinmun - May 21, 2020)

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