Why DPRK never loosens anti-imperialist class cultivation

Consruction site of Pyongyang General Hospital
The PGH consruction site

The Russian embassy to the DPRK posted a Rodong Sinmun article in its facebook timeline, translating it into Russian and showing two images.

The website of Rodong Sinmun did not carry the article in its Korean edition. The portal Uriminzokkiri carried the full text in Korean. It means there is no English version.

I made Google AI machine translate it into English before my minimal interference as follows:

Clip of Rodong Sinmun article

Unexploded bombs cleared at the construction site of Pyongyang General Hospital

By Pak Song Gun

Dear Supreme Leader Comrade Kim Jong Un said as follows:

"Even time flows and generation changes, the matter that cannot be delayed or neglected in a moment is the anti-imperialist class cultivation."

Peoples were astonished, as dozens of unexploded bombs that enemies had dropped during the Fatherland Liberation War period were found at the construction site of the Pyongyang General Hospital not long ago.

Unearthed from the foundation excavation process were 50 duds including 50kg and 250kg bombs.

Members of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit from the People's Security Bureau of Pyongyang City detected and disposed of the blind shells that have gravely threatened people's life and security underneath several places for decades.

The builders witnessing the bomb disposal process expressed their hot feelings: 

Each extremely rusted dud deeply submerged in the ground for nearly 70 years is a living evidence how the enemies delivered indiscriminate bombardement to make our Republic a lifeless land. I grit my teeth with hatred over the foes that dropped hundreds of thousands of bombs in the capital city of Pyongyang alone, making it heap of ashes. I am going to erect Pyongyang General Hospital as soon as possible, so that they are flabbergasted.

Once again, the duds stuck in the middle of the capital clearly prove that our abode is the battle ground against the imperialism as well as the court to settle the iniquities foes committed against our people. They tell us that today's struggle to construct the Pyongyang General Hospital is the fist line trench battle beating, to our heartful satisfaction, the face of adversaries striving to erase our right to live.  

The Pyongyang General Hospital will be the field demonstrating the vigor of our homeland, and the unwavering shape of our revolution, which puissantly moves forward a better tomorrow in spite of any revilement from hostile forces. It will also be the exhibition hall showing the delightful triumph of our Party's love of people over evil of adversaries.

(Rodong Sinmun - May 16, 2020)

* As I mentioned before, this is an unofficial translation.

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