Automatized Hwanghae Iron works for extending production capacity

Smelting furnace workshop at Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex
Smelting furnace workshop at Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex (File Photo)

A project for extending the iron and steel production capacity is now progressing apace at the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex, a leading ferrous metallurgical base in the DPRK.

The complex has been well-known in the country as a model of putting all its production processes on an automated basis.

In May Juche 55 (1966), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited the complex (the then Hwanghae Iron Works) in company with President Kim Il Sung and took a measure to put its production processes on a mechanized and automated basis for freeing the workers from heat-affected, harmful and onerous labor.

Going round different parts of the iron works, the Chairman gave an instruction to free workers from heat-affected and onerous labor by introducing advanced sci-tech successes. He also watched a new blast furnace erected by its workers and stressed that smelters should not be allowed to work under the heat-affected and dusty conditions, indicating the solution in detail.

Later, he dispatched powerful technical forces and provided on a preferential basis such major equipment as closed-circuit televisions to turn the iron works into a fine model of all-round automation.

Following it, a number of industrial establishments realized the overall automation and comprehensive mechanization by introducing closed-circuit televisions, tele-control system, etc.

(KCNA - May 8, 2020)

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