Advantages and might of people-oriented socialism

Strategic offensive for head-on breakthrough by dint of self-reliance
Frontal breakthrough offensive

By Kim Yong Il

On May 24, 1990, President Kim Il Sung made a policy speech "Let Us Bring the Advantages of Socialism in Our Country into Full Bloom" at the First Session of the 9th Supreme People's Assembly.

This work clearly indicates the essence and main features of our-style socialism and tasks and ways for fully displaying its advantages.

The advantages and might of our-style socialism find their expression in the fact that the Workers' Party of Korea and the state bear full responsibility for people's future and take good care of it.

They are also fully displayed in dynamically advancing along the invariable course of achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance.

The harmonious whole of the Party and the masses constitutes another manifestation of the advantages and might of our socialism.

The single-hearted unity is the symbol and invincible might of our-style socialism.

We will complete the socialist cause of Juche by dint of single-hearted unity.

(Rodong Sinmun - May 24, 2020)
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