13th NC of CPPCC meets for third session

The third meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference was held in Beijing between May 21 and 27.

It was attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, leading party and government officials and delegates.

Wang Yang, president of the CPPCC National Committee, in his report referred to the achievements made by the national committee and its standing committee in the past one year under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee headed by Xi Jinping.

In the campaign against the infectious pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, the CPPCC carried out the decision and assignments of the CPC Central Committee and mobilized all political consultative organizations and their affiliates and broad sections of members in the anti-epidemic effort, he said.

Mentioning about the general requirement of the work of the CPPCC, he said that it will assume the responsibility for planning and promoting in a unified way the regular infectious-disease control and economic and social development and contribute to achieving a decisive victory in the anti-poverty offensive and the full-scale building of a comprehensively well-off society.

The members of the CPPCC National Committee fully approved and supported the draft resolution of the National People’s Congress, which decided on establishing and perfecting the legal system and enforcement mechanism in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for safeguarding the security of the country.

General meetings and video conferences were held on such issues as the economy, culture, ecological civilization and social construction during the session.

(Pyongyang Times - May 30, 2020)
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