Youth education enlivens revolutionary prospect

Powerful Country of Youth
Powerful Country with Youth. (File Photo)

By Han Un Il
Rodong Sinmun

The education of young people is an important issue never to be neglected.

The education of young people should be held fast to, because the building of a powerful socialist country can be stepped up by their vigorous struggle.

The young people are the most vital unit in society.

Only when the young people full of vigor and ardor get zealous, can factories, farms and construction sites become enlivened and the spirit of leap and innovation prevail in the whole country.

The intensified education leads to the eruption of their enthusiasm for revolution, struggle and patriotism.

When the young people accomplish great achievements and play an active role of the advancing group, a greater stride for the revolutionary advance will be made in the flames of creating new legendary stories about heroes.

The adolescence is a very important period in establishing the revolutionary world outlook.

When the young people receive proper education during adolescence, they can acquire the qualifications and traits of a revolutionary and give full play to them to be reliable pillars shouldering the future of the country and nation.

Only when the intensity and effectiveness of ideological education are amplified in keeping with the requirements of the reality that witnesses the imperialists' evermore vicious ideological and cultural poisoning, is it possible to prepare all the young people to be patriotic and revolutionary fighters fully aware of their origin and mission for the times.

(KCNA - April 3, 2020)

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