Xinhua shows how Pyongyang is doing

Amid novel coronavirus pandemic, how is the DPRK?

Xinhua exclusive story on Pyongyang Today
Xinhua exclusive from Pyongyang
The novel coronavirus epidemic spreads globally, but no confirmed case has appeared in the country, according to the DPRK media reports.

So, what is the situation of the DPRK's epidemic prevention, and what has been changed in local daily life? Please see this exclusive story by Xinhua News Agency reporters in Pyongyang.

People wear masks and their temperatures are checked before shopping

The DPRK has already taken measures such as isolating foreign personnel in the country, prohibiting people from gathering for dinner and gathering in public places, actively popularizing epidemic prevention knowledge among the people, and vigorously producing masks and other epidemic prevention materials.

Pyongyang Number One Department Store is adjacent to the famous landmark of the country Kim Il Sung Square. It is one of Pyongyang's major large-scale shopping malls. Nearby are bus stops and main streets. It is the place where a relatively large number of people flow. However, reporters saw that there were not many pedestrians in the afternoon, and most of them wore masks.

Also in the square of Pyongyang Railway Station, another landmark, reporters saw that people wore masks.

Taesong Department Store is a modern multi-story shopping center in Pyongyang. Reporters saw personnel at the entrance taking temperature of customers. In the large supermarket at the first floor, every shelf was full.

DPRK media track international epidemic situation

After the outbreak of novel corona pneumonia epidemic, the DPRK was one of the countries that quickly adopted strict management measures.

The country began to suspend tourist entry on January 22, and then blocked the border and suspended international flight and passenger traffic. Schools at all levels extended the winter vacation and postponed the start of new school year.

Major DPRK media have kept track of the latest situation of the global novel corona pneumonia epidemic in a timely manner every day, and repeatedly emphasized that although no confirmed case of new corona pneumonia has appeared in the country, nobody can relax their guard.

New modern hospital in Pyongyang

According to the KCNA, the country's top leader Kim Jong Un attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the Pyongyang General Hospital on March 17. In the speech, he said that the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea decided to build the hospital, as the "primary project for this year", which must be completed to celebrate the Party's 75th founding anniversary, and emphasized that protecting and improving people's health are the "most glorious revolutionary work" of the Party.

According to a report by the KCNA on February 29, Kim Jong Un said at the enlarged meeting of the Politburo of the Workers' Party of Korea that relevant departments should comprehensively block all possible channels and loopholes for infectious diseases, and strengthen inspection and quarantine work to prevent and control the epidemic.

DPRK-US interaction amid the pandemic

The first deputy minister of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Yo Jung said on March 22 that the DPRK had received a written letter sent to Chairman of the State Affairs Commission Kim Jong Un by President of the United States of America Donald Trump.

According to a report by the KCNA, a new department director general of the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement on March 30. He pointed that on the one hand Trump in the personal letter to the DPRK said of his willingness to help the country in preventing and controlling the epidemic and strengthen bilateral communication, but on the other hand US Secretary of State Pompeo differently spoke about the country again.

This shows that no matter how excellent the personal relationship between the tope leaders of the two countries is, it can not change the U.S. hostile attitude towards the DPRK. The director general added that the so-called resumption of dialogue is an enticement technique to stop the country's progress.

(Reporter: Liu Yanxia, ​​Hong Kerun, Jiang Yaping; editor: Cheng Dayu, Sun Hao; editing: Wang Pei)

*Translated by AI machines.

For original story and video: Xinhua News Agency - April 11, 2020

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