Worldwide combat against COVID-19

By Choe Yong Nam
Pyongyang Times

DPRK maintains stable anti-epidemic situation
Health and safety
Recently, 193 member nations of the UN General Assembly supported with unanimous approval the resolution calling for preventing speculation surrounding the future COVID-19 vaccines and sharing drugs and protective means.

The resolution appealed to all member nations to take immediate measures to prevent excessive stockpiling of medicines, vaccines and medical appliances and possible speculation as the epidemic spreads rapidly throughout the world.

The Chinese government recently selected and dispatched medical workers to the areas with a relatively large number of entrants via land borders and with weak anti-epidemic foundation, while taking steps to improve the supply of reagents for medical examination, medical equipment and anti-epidemic materials.

China strictly controls the random entrance and exit of those returning from abroad and foreigners residing in it.

The Russian government has newly built an infectious disease hospital for the treatment of COVID-19 in the new area of Moscow. The new hospital opened on Apr 17 and some 500-strong medical staff began to give medical treatment. It can accommodate 800-900 inpatients and with the end of the spread of COVID-19, it will reportedly be used for the treatment of other infectious diseases.

A similar hospital was recently built in Nursultan, Kazakhstan, and the government plans to build such hospitals in Almaty and Chimkent soon.

Singapore decided to extend the quarantine which is expected to expire on May 4 till June 1 in an effort to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

In Georgia the state of emergency was prolonged to May 22 and the state of national emergency in New Zealand was reportedly postponed for seven days from Apr 21.

The Greek government announced a decision on Apr 21 to place a small town in the Peloponnese under curfew for two weeks in addition to the nationwide blockade.

Group meetings are banned till late August in Ireland and an international airport in Nigeria is to shut down for two weeks from Apr 23.

The South African government recommended the population use cloth masks to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

(Pyongyang Times - April 24, 2020)
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