What makes DPRK stronger?

The motive power of our state development lies in hearts of Party members and people

By Hong Jin Hyok
Rodong Sinmun

DPRK Single-hearted Unity
Today, a frontal offensive for making a breakthrough is underway to open a broad avenue of fresh advance of socialism decisively overcoming all challenges and ordeals of history.

This reality demands that full play be given to the indomitable spiritual strength and extraordinary patriotic enthusiasm of the members of the Workers’ Party of Korea and other people.

The main motive force of the state development is the ideological and spiritual strength of the popular masses. When this spiritual strength is put in motion, everything can be created from nothing and impossibility be turned into possibility.

The proud course covered by the Korean revolution have clearly witnessed the iron truth that when all the people turn out with consciousness and make strenuous efforts, there are no barrier impossible to surmount and no fortresses impossible to break through in the world.

Since our Party inscribed a hammer, sickle and writing brush on its red flag, it has never been separated from the people even a moment, but steadily pushed ahead with the revolution in reliance on their might.

Our Party has always depended on the people, not on some material conditions or external power, and paid primary importance to their heartening zeal for revolution and struggle ahead of others, whatever difficulties and ordeals.

Our people have been the one and only supporter, adviser and assistant to the Workers' Party of Korea that have given infinite strength and courage to it and overcome all the difficulties with indefatigable will. The history of our Party is the path covered by our people and its victory is the one won by our great people.

Our country is an invincible power winning victory after victory thanks to the ardent loyalty and heroic struggle of the Party members and other people firmly united around the Party in one mind.

Today, it is opening a new avenue of socialist construction daringly surmounting the grave difficulties of history.

It is the fixed will of our Party that it can accomplish the great cause of achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance in the face of manifold difficulties when the flame of struggle is kindled in the hearts of the reliable Party members and other people equipped with the spirit of devotedly defending the Party Central Committee and implementing the Party's policy.

It is none other than the Party members who should lead the popular masses in today’s struggle. Their leading and vanguard role is precisely an eruption of the masses’ revolutionary enthusiasm and creative ingenuity and the advancing speed of our revolution.

The greater ordeals and the more hardships our people encounter, the stronger their revolutionary spirit and patriotism grow.

Since the popular masses fully armed with the spirit of self-reliance and of overcoming difficulties are afire with high revolutionary enthusiasm and militant stamina, only victory is in store for us in the frontal offensive for making a breakthrough.

All the Party members and other working people should cherish absolute loyalty to the Party and ardent patriotism and fully discharge their responsibilities and duties in the grand revolutionary advance for building a powerful socialist country.

(Abridgment from Rodong Sinmun and KCNA - April 29, 2020)
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