VOP censures candidate Jong Kyong Hui

VOP censures candidate Jong Kyong Hui
Pink-clothed Jong Kyong Hui. (Photo Jeju Sori)

The south Korean online paper Voice of People on April 3 carried an editorial denouncing a "Future Korea Party" candidate on the list of those with high probability of winning election for distorting the facts about the April 3 Jeju Island resistance.

The editorial censured Jong Kyong Hui, one of those candidates from the party, for branding the resistance as "an armed rebellion" in the published book.

It said it was just that the Association of Bereaved Families of Victims of Jeju April 3 Uprising and other organizations in a statement called for the resignation of the candidate whose reckless remarks were little short of trampling on the desire of the people and the bereaved families.

(KCNA - April 4, 2020)
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