VOP berates profanity-laced UFP

Pyongyang Times Cartoon
Pipedream of Hwang Kyo An. (Cartoon Pyongyang Times)

The south Korean online paper Voice of People carried an editorial on April 9 to urge the "United Future Party" (UFP) to strike some its members from the list of candidates for the election of "national assemblymen" as they have been engrossed in rough words.

The editorial referred to the fact that the UFP recently removed from the list of candidates the names of Kim Tae Ho and Cha Myong Jin who belittled the old and the disabled and made reckless remarks about the ferry Sewol disaster.

It said that the removal is not for reflection but a camouflage for the elections.

It revealed that Min Kyong Uk, Kim Jin Thae, Ri On Ju, etc. also have made rough remarks or defended such practices.

Noting that Hwang Kyo An is no better than them, it urged the UFP to cross their names off the list and apologize to the people.

(KCNA - April 10, 2020)
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