US to deploy satellite jamming weapons

According to Bloomberg, the US forces are now working to build a ground base to jam satellites.
The Counter Communications System Block 10.2 in Los Angeles AFB
A satellite jammer deployed in Los Angeles AFB. (Photo US Space Force)
The space force, which was organized in December last year as the sixth service of the US forces, would possess 48 satellite jamming weapon systems in seven years, it said, adding that they would be used to disturb the signals from Russian and Chinese satellites in case of emergency.

A Russian associate professor of politics and sociology described the US’ attempt to purchase satellite harassing equipment against Russia is a violation of the international convention on the peaceful development of outer space.

The Russian defence minister said that the militarization of outer space and ever-growing arms race are the greatest threat to international security.

(Pyongyang Times - April 29, 2020)

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