US' human rights hype denounced

Cuban foreign minister's tweet on March 11, 2020
Cuban foreign minister's tweet. (Screenshot)

By Song Jong Ho

The US, which has often paid lip service to human rights on the international arena, is paying dearly for its deeds.

The US State Department has unilaterally issued the annual "country reports on human rights practices".

This year, too, it published the reports for 2019, in which it designated China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua as the "major human rights abusers".

The reports have come under fire as soon as they were released.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the US' country reports are of no value and reliability as they are full of fabrications that distort reality, adding the US administration has no right to have a discussion or instruct independent countries with regard to their human rights in political, legal and moral aspects.

The Cuban Foreign Minister tweeted that the US administration did not reflect on the reports ill human rights practices committed by Americans throughout the world, branding the US as the worst human rights abuser on the globe.

In actuality, human rights abuses continue to be reported in the US almost everyday, including ill-treatment and expulsion of ethnic minorities, discrimination and violence against women and negligence of vulnerable class in miserable plight.

As to this, China made public the report on human rights abuses of the US for 2019.

Citing the data on human rights abuses of the US, China criticized that the former turns a blind eye to its sustainable, systematic and large-scale human rights abuses while distorting and speaking ill of human rights situations of other countries and regions that behave contrary to its strategic interests.

There is a problem that should be noticed in its "human rights" offensive.

The countries which were designated as "human rights abusers" by the US are all its potential rivals or anti-US, independent countries that are disobedient to it.

It is an open and principal trick of the US to create an environment for legalizing all its acts for the isolation of relevant countries by finding fault with their human rights situations and the "championing of human rights", interfere in their internal affairs and resort to sanctions, military threats and eventual replacement of regimes and system when they prove ineffective.

It is the unanimous opinion of the impartial world that the US is a human rights abuser and desert.

(Pyongyang Times - April 4, 2020)
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