Daydream absorbs unification ministry


South Korean Unification Ministry 2020 textbook
MOU book cover
The south Korean Ministry of Unification (MOU -ed) put back the part dealing with the "German-style reunification," which had been deleted last year, in a textbook titled "2020 Understanding of Unification Issue".

From the viewpoint of the textbook to be used at junior high schools, senior high schools, public organs, and libraries, it can never be overlooked.

It is nothing but a traitorous and reckless act to realize the daydream about "unification under liberal democracy" by imbuing the overall society including rising generations with the consciousness of "unification by absorption".

The "German-style reunification", a typical mode of "unification by absorption", means the "unification under liberal democracy" which was sought by the successive conservative "regimes".

The south Korean authorities were compelled to delete the part dealing with it with their own hands owing to its groundlessness, confrontational colors and bad influence on the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The Ministry of Unification is well aware of it but it openly revealed its intention to realize the "unification by absorption". This is a clear provocation against us and challenge to the desire of the nation for peace.

The so-called Ministry of Unification is disturbing national reconciliation and unity and inciting only mistrust and hostility towards fellow countrymen.

The reality shows that the ministry talks about "fresh thinking and improvement of relations" but is still engrossed in deep-rooted confrontational consciousness.

Seventy-odd year-long history of national division proves that if anyone persistently resorts to fantastic "unification of social systems" and "unification by absorption", he can never make a new history of national reconciliation and unity, peace and prosperity and unification.

"Unification of social systems" and "unification by absorption" will bring about only collision.

Until when is the ministry of Unification going to repeat the crime-woven history of the conservative "regime", being branded by fellow countrymen as the ministry of confrontation with compatriots and ministry of anti-reunification?

The ministry of Unification should bear in mind that if it continues to go against the unanimous desire and demand of the nation, it will be certainly branded as the group of traitors.

(KCNA - April 11, 2020)
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