Submission only brings misery and disaster


Recently there was an accident at Futenma U.S. air force base in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan in which a large amount of foamed fire-retardant containing toxic fluorine compounds flow out.

US MCAS Futenma, wikipedia photo
US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Japan. (File Photo Wikipedia)

Most of over 220 thousand liters of the retardant drained out of the base to severely pollute peripheral environment.

This shows that Japan is bound to suffer such misery and disaster for yielding its territory to the outside forces as a supply base.

As well known, the U.S. has built its military bases at all strategic points across the Japanese Islands from Hokkaido to Okinawa with a great number of troops and war equipments amassed there.

The U.S. forces in Japan enjoy extraterritorial privileges under the "Japan-U.S. status of forces agreement" and behave audaciously taking no thought of life and security of the Japanese. The Japanese have consequently been suffering all sorts of harm and pain.

In Okinawa Prefecture, in particular, which is 0.6 percent of the Japanese territory, but where over 70 percent of U.S. military bases in Japan are stationed, crimes by U.S. troops are daily occurrences.

The pains Futenma U.S. air force base has brought to the people of the prefecture are especially great. They are suffering heavy financial burden, noise pollution and environmental pollution and living in danger due to frequent accidents of U.S. warplanes and immoral and corrupt acts of the U.S. troops.

They are suffering such disaster and misery at the cost of offering their land and a lot of money, which is a piteous plight of the island country.

However, Japan has reportedly been waiting for a permission of the U.S. army side to enter the base for a field investigation.

Though the main criminals of the accident are sitting back with folded arms, Japan could not make a protest, but had to get local fire brigades to dispose of the polluted matter outside the base.

The Japanese authorities implanted with submission are busy at covering up the fault of the U.S. air force base.

Japanese Defense Minister Kono at a press conference shortly after the accident made senseless remarks that the accident was unavoidable for the U.S. army side, saying that "there is no substitute for the toxic foamed fire-retardant" and "it takes time to exchange".

The result of submission is so disgraceful.

Victims of the Japanese authorities who are prolonging their remaining days by following the U.S. with a wild dream to reinvade other countries with the back of their American master are the Japanese people.

Now the Japanese people are strongly demanding withdrawal of the U.S. military bases which are the root cause of their misery and pain and fundamental revision of the "Japan-U.S. status of forces agreement".

As long as the Japanese authorities find their way out in submission to the U.S. contrary to the sentiment of their people, they can never get rid of poor status of a stooge.

(KCNA - April 29, 2020)

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