Past military interference in presidential election disclosed

Table: south Korean military intelligence command's external reports in 2017
Table: South Korean military intelligence command's external reports in 2017. (Image Kyunghyang Daily)

The south Korean Kyunghyang Daily News disclosed that the then Defense Security Command of south Korea placed under surveillance candidates from opposition parties and media organizations during the "presidential election" in 2017.

According to a document made public by the "Military Human Rights Center" on April 8, the Defense Security Command made a survey of the tendency of candidates from opposition parties and presented a report on it to the then minister of National Defense between March and April, 2017 ahead of the "presidential election".

It also collected data on the tendency of media organizations and intelligence related with "national assemblymen" from opposition parties and their supporters.

The "Military Human Rights Center" said that those documents were submitted to the minister of National Defense, chief of the Security Office of Chongwadae, director of the Intelligence Service and chiefs of the staffs of the services of the armed forces.

It claimed that the prosecution knew the existence of those documents in 2018 when it investigated documents of the Defense Security Command on the enforcement of "martial law."

Calling for making an immediate investigation into the doubt about the organized and planned interference in the election by the then acting president Hwang Kyo An's regime, and probing the truth behind it, the center stressed that the Ministry of Justice should make clear why the prosecution turned a blind eye to it instead of investigating it.

(KCNA - April 11, 2020)
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