Revolutionary traditions of Paektu

The headquarters log cabin of the Paekdusan Secret Camp
The headquarters log cabin at the Paekdusan Secret Camp.

By Rodong Sinmun

President Kim Il Sung is a great sage of revolution who performed tremendous exploits for the country, nation, times and history by creating the revolutionary traditions of Paektu and applying them to revolutionary practice.

The revolutionary traditions are the lifeline of revolution and eternal treasures.

They are the glorious ones the President created during the bloody anti-Japanese struggle in endless snowstorms.

The traditions comprehensively deal with the ideological system of Juche and revolutionary spirit of Paektu, the undying revolutionary feats and precious struggle experience, the revolutionary way of work and the popular style of work. They serve as a revolutionary encyclopedia unparalleled in richness and profundity of content, traction, and vitality.

The triumphant history of the Korean revolution is the history of inheriting and developing the revolutionary traditions of Paektu. Thanks to the revolutionary traditions of Paektu, our revolution has been able to advance through an untrodden and unexplored path without any slightest deviation and brought about unprecedented events and epoch-making changes on this land.

Our people have grown up to be independent guardians strong in ideology and faith and the invincibility and might of our-style socialism have been fully demonstrated to the whole world through the struggle to firmly defend the revolutionary traditions of Paektu and brilliantly inherit them.

The march started from Mt Paektu is an invariable course of the Juche revolution and the revolutionary traditions of Paektu are the cornerstone for all victories and prosperity.

The revolutionary tradition of Mt Paektu, established by President Kim Il Sung, is the cornerstone which makes it possible to fully demonstrate the revolutionary nature and superiority of Korean-style socialism.

It is the revolutionary nature and absolute superiority of Korean-style socialism in which all the members of the society, firmly united around the leader in ideology, purpose and moral obligation, throw in their lot with him and firmly preserve the Juche character and national identity despite all sorts of storms.

We should systematically and comprehensively study the revolutionary history of the President and deeply grasp his undying exploits.

We should value the revolutionary tradition of Mt Paektu, which crystallizes the sacred revolutionary career of the President who embarked upon the road of revolution in his teens and accomplished the historic cause of national liberation through all sorts of hardships. We should defend and glorify it generation after generation.

The revolutionary tradition of Mt Paektu is the unique tradition of the Korean revolution which has been created with the development of our revolution and steadily carried forward and developed in the annals of the severe revolution. It is also the great tradition that has made the dignity and honor of the country demonstrated to the whole world.

The decisive guarantee for successfully carrying out the great cause of Mt Paektu lies in faithfully supporting Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's ideology and leadership with one mind and will.

We should dynamically open up the road of advance for making a breakthrough head-on in the spirit of Mt Paektu.

The officials should make strenuous efforts to fulfill their duty as leading members of the revolution and servants of the people.

Let us all the people keep the revolutionary traditions of Paektu as everlasting treasures and add eternal shine to them and hasten the victory of the cause of building a powerful socialist country under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea.

(Abridgment compiled from Rodong Sinmun and KCNA dated April 18, 2020 -ed)
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