US intel darkness needs North Korea policy change

Jessica J Lee
Jessica J Lee
Establishment of embassies would reduce the risk of lethal miscalculations between Washington and Pyongyang, Jessica Lee, an expert on East Asian affairs, gave a prescription on Friday.

According to her diagnosis, CNN's April 21 article that questioned North Korean leader's health, leading to a spate of unverifiable speculation about his incapacity or death, is the latest reminder of the near-total absence of reliable information about North Korea.

"This situation can't go on," she wrote on Foreign Policy under the title "Guesswork and rumors make for bad North Korea policy".

"Although they have since made up, U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim were swapping threats of mutual annihilation just two years ago," she said. "The risk of miscalculation is simply unacceptably high."

The page title of her writing, for the convenience of website search engines, is "Nobody knows what's happening in North Korea."

The most concerned party among the mass of "nobody" would be the US intelligence community.

The "near-comical" aspects owing to the US intelligence darkness on North Korea are presented in her text.

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