My wish is yours

The DPRK media's tenday quietness on the Supreme Leader's field activities seems so hot.

The US media is boiling. Speculation about him and his country and people opens up anything.

Is the top leader in secrecy the source of uneasiness?

Were they cool when he was in publicity?

Headlines about Kim Jong Un whereabouts
Media longing for Dear General.

Rumor extinguisher instantly came out of US President Donald Trump.

He reportedly said Tuesday he does not know about the health of the recipient of his precious letters and added, "I can only say this, I wish him well. Good luck."

I don't have any knowledge of the fact either.

Under such a presidential example, I wish the Supreme Leader health, happiness, and success.

As always, regardless of external media farce, all the people in the DPRK would wish the same.

Immortal Classic: Where are you, Dear General?

Sorry for the later addition below:

Dennis Rodman praying for Kim Jong Un
Rodman praying for Dear Friend

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