Morality and laws in DPRK

Socialism vigorously advances only when importance is attached to morality

By Han Un Gyong

DPRK emphasizes socialist morality
Moral Socialism
Today we should thoroughly establish a revolutionary and sound moral trait throughout the society in order to set an example in building a civilized country.

Just as a socialist society rapidly develops by dint of self-consciousness of popular masses, so priority should be given to morality before the law.

Prioritizing morality constitutes a prerequisite for defending the nature of socialism and fully displaying its superiority.

It is also an important guarantee for hastening the construction of a powerful socialist country more forcefully.

The motive force of the socialist construction is the high spiritual strength of people who are willing to advance ahead of others. Their spiritual strength ceaselessly rises when they regard it as their moral duty to devote their all to the Party and revolution, the state and society.

There are some points that should not be neglected in the understanding that importance should be given to morality. Prioritizing the morality does not mean disregarding the law.

Ours is the genuine country for people in which the law defends the people and the latter observes the former voluntarily.

The laws of the DPRK constitute a powerful weapon defending the state and social system and independent lives of the people and propelling the revolution and construction.

(Abridged by Rodong Sinmun - April 26, 2020)

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