Japan's scheme for overseas aggression legitimacy


Abe Shinzo speech at graduation ceremony of Defence College, March 22, 2020
Abe (Photo Kyodo)
Japan persists in revising the Constitution to specify the existence of the "Self-Defense Forces".

Days ago, Japanese PM Abe revealed his strong and wild ambition to revise the Constitution, saying that he will play all the possible roles to further ratchet up the Japan-U.S. alliance at a graduation ceremony of the Defence College.

Recently, various circles of Japan as well as the world are becoming increasingly critical of Abe's move, sniping at him that he has no authority to revise the Constitution and that the specifying of the "Self-Defense Forces" would form a source of calamity.

Against the backdrop of this, Abe is crying out for the ratcheting up of the Japan-U.S. alliance and the expansion of Japan's role, only to betray his intention to curry favor with his master and, with help from his master, revise the Constitution at any cost.

After its defeat in the war, under the active patronage and with the backing of the U.S., the SDF has been built into a dangerous war force and, with military hardware like long-range cruise missiles and a de facto aircraft carrier beyond the "minimum requirements" provided for in the Constitution, is now thrusting its aggressive claws anywhere in the globe and even space.

In particular, the Abe regime tolerated the exercise of the "right to collective self-defense" by playing a cunning trick like the revision of the interpretation of the Constitution so that they can take an active part in the U.S. military moves overseas under the pretext of protection of its allies.

It is out of question whether Japanese reactionaries would be satisfied with this as they are eager to revenge its defeat.

A change in the interpretation of the Constitution is not a real goal. It is an ultimate intention sought by the Japanese reactionaries to take the road for overseas expansion by deleting the articles prohibiting the possession of army and by specifying the existence of the SDF in the Constitution.

It is natural that their desperate acts cause concern and vigilance from the international community because the Japanese reactionaries run amuck to realize its wild ambition for reinvasion by taking their master on their back, far from drawing a lesson from the history of invasion in the past.

Japan should not forget how its past when it wielded the bloody sword ended.

Mankind aspiring after peace will certainly force the aggression-minded island country to sustain an irrevocably miserable fate.

(KCNA - April 9, 2020)

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