Israel encroaches on East al-Quds

Outright challenge to the call of international community

By Choe Yong Nam
Pyongyang Times

Despite the firestorm of protest and denunciation from the international community, Israel is going to extend Jewish settlements in East al-Quds on a large scale.

It is reportedly aiming to build 3 000 and 2 200 dwellings in two districts of East al-Quds respectively.

Netanyahu blatantly said in public that the housing development projects will deal a blow to the dream of the Palestinians for liberation.

Al-Quds is a very sensitive place politically.

The name al-Quds is derived from an Arabic word meaning “holy place”. Also called Jerusalem, it has been the Holy Land of Judaism since the 11th century BC, that of Christianity since 335 and that of Islam since 662. It also has some part of al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the three Muslim shrines of the world. Therefore, a United Nations decision in 1947 declared the place as an “international city”.

However, Israel occupied the western part of the city in 1948 and the eastern part through the 1967 Six-Day War. Since then it encroached on al-Quds and other regions by building and expanding Jewish settlements.

Consequently, the Palestinians were driven out of their native place and their right to existence was put in serious jeopardy.

In order to solve the Palestine-Israel issue, the international community took a measure to fix the boundary between them according to the borderline set up before 1976 and asserted that both sides should reach a peaceful agreement without conflict and dispute.

On that account, Israel’s moves to expand Jewish settlements in East al-Quds is an open challenge to the demand of the international community.

Analysts express their concern, saying that if its plan for extending the settlements is carried out, it would swallow up the whole of al-Quds and dominate the Middle East, and yet that would not be enough to satisfy the greed of the Israeli rulers.

(Pyongyang Times - April 24, 2020)

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