Intensify three-revolution red flag movement

By Myong Ju Hyok
Rodong Sinmun

Order of Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement
Order of Red Flag
Today our people have turned out in the frontal attack for opening up a new avenue of socialist construction with confidence in sure victory, upholding the decisions of the 5th Plenary Meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

To smash the blockade moves of hostile forces and speed up our revolutionary advance by remarkably increasing our own force, the internal motive force in an effort, all sectors and units should further intensify the three-revolution red flag movement.

The movement is the highest form of movement directly putting our Party's supreme programme forward as the fighting slogan and the popular mass movement involving all the people of the country.

The raging flames of the three revolutions mean the vitality in the breakthrough head-on campaign and also the triumphant progress in socialist construction.

To vigorously conduct the three-revolution red flag movement is a political work to carry out the behests of Chairman Kim Jong Il without fail.

Our people and men and officers of the People's Army have grown to be those strong in idea and faith. We have gained the springboard for building a powerful socialist country despite severe difficulties. We have firmly preserved our culture and way of life. Such reality would have been unthinkable without the traction power of the movement.

To vigorously conduct the three-revolution red flag movement is also an important undertaking to hasten the construction of the powerful socialist country.

The key to firmly strengthening political and military forces and economic, technical and cultural foundation that guarantee the final victory of socialism lies in accomplishing the ideological, technical and cultural revolutions.

Now is the crucial time for us to more highly fly three red flags of ideology, technology and culture, so as to prove overwhelming advantages and vitality of socialism over capitalism and fulfill our important historical mission and duty as Korean revolutionaries.

All sectors and units should vigorously wage the movement in order to create continuous miracles and exploits and further accelerate the victorious advance of the revolution on all fronts of socialist construction.

(April 6 texts of KCNA and Rodong Sinmun mixed and edited by KR. Image from Forum, a Russian site.)
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