Importance of the socialist way of life

Socialist way of life guided by the Worker's Party of Korea
The Workers' Party of Korea underlines the socialist way of life and culture.

By Hong Jin Hyok
Rodong Sinmun

To establish the socialist way of life and culture more thoroughly in the whole society is an urgent issue arising in today's offensive for making a head-on breakthrough to open up a new avenue of advance by strengthening our own force, the internal motive force in every way.

The socialist way of life is the unique mode of activity and lifestyle of the people living in a socialist society.

Establishing the socialist way of life is one of the important policy issues which our Party constantly underlines. Only when the socialist way of life is thoroughly established can it be possible to preserve the Juche character and national identity in the field of cultural life and preserve the nature of Korean-style socialism and give full play to its advantages.

To establish the socialist way of life is of weighty importance as it is a serious political work, a fierce class struggle, to save ourselves from the enemies' moves for ideological and cultural infiltration and beef up our ideological and revolutionary positions.

It is a crucial work for defending and glorifying our ideology and system.

It is also an important work for preparing all members of society to be more developed and civilized social beings.

The top priority in developing society is to train all the people to be true masters of society. The development of society just means the development of the human being, the popular masses. What is important in the perfection of each human being is his or her ideological, cultural and moral perfection.

To establish the socialist way of life is a work for preserving and glorifying our ideology, spirit, and culture. At the same time, it is a work for training all the people to be powerful performers of socialist construction who possess noble mental and moral traits and a high level of civilization.

It is a work for the good of popular masses themselves and a work to be carried out by them. Only when everyone takes an active part in establishing the lifestyle with the consciousness that they are its masters can the noble and beautiful socialist way of life prevail throughout society and can it become a firm climate of our society and a national custom peculiar to Juche Korea.

All the officials, Party members, and working people will have to grasp the importance of establishing the socialist way of life and turn out as one in the work.

(Abridgment compiled from Rodong Sinmun and KCNA dated April 18, 2020 -ed)
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