Song of May Day

May Day Song

Listen, Workers of the World
To the resounding furor of May Day
This is the forward march of the protesters
This is the roaring cry toward the future

Put down the work in your hands
Awaken your true merit inside
Strike for an entire day
Fight back against the society’s fake

The anger under infinite exploitation
Will only bring the Proletariat’s rise
At twenty-four hours on each day
Let us fight the war of Class

Rise up Workers, rise up
Take back our means of production
The justice’s hands, they are on our side
Then their power is nothing to fear

Leading our marching footsteps
The Red Flag is hoisted high
Guard it, Workers of May Day
Guard it, Workers of May Day

Lyrics are full of the property-less class consciousness from the first verse to the last one.

In celebration of May Day, the international workers' day, the portal DPRK Today uploaded this music video in Youtube. (Sorry, Youtube censored the video. So, I put another popular version. - December 2, 2020, -kr)

The DPRK has cherished the revolutionary song because the anti-Japanese guerrilla fighters of 1930s greatly loved it. Their indomitable spirit of fight were based on the absolute loyalty to leader and the thorough class consciousness of the proletariat against imperialism.

*Japanese song with English, Chinese, and Japanese lyrics
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