DPRK-Russia ties progress

One-year summit meeting anniversary of Kim Jong Un and Putin
Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, Vladivostok, April 25, 2019. (File Photo KCNA)

By Kim Tae Ho
Pyongyang Times

Friendship between the DPRK and Russia has seen a steady growth in recent years.

In 2019 the two countries celebrated in splendour the 70th anniversary of the agreement on economic and cultural cooperation, following the 70th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2018. The development of bilateral collaboration, exchange and cooperation in diverse forms shows that the atmosphere has further been improved to develop bilateral ties.

In the first half of the past century the peoples of the two countries forged a friendship as comrades-in-arms in the anti-Japanese war. The Korean People’s Revolutionary Army waged a series of battles and harassing operations under the slogan “Let us defend the Soviet Union with arms!” contributing greatly to frustrating the plan of the Japanese imperialists to invade the former Soviet Union. Many soldiers of the Red Army shed their blood in the battles to liberate Korea.

In his speech at the reception to welcome President Kim Il Sung who visited the Soviet Union in early 1949 leading a government delegation, Stalin said that Comrade Kim Il Sung was a true proletarian internationalist who defended the Soviet Union at the cost of the blood and with arms from the imperialists’ aggression in the East.

Chairman Kim Jong Il met President Putin on a visit to the DPRK for the first time in July 2000 and visited the Russian Federation several times to further strengthen DPRK-Russia friendly and cooperative relations.

The DPRK-Russia Joint Declaration and the DPRK-Russia Moscow Declaration adopted by the leaders of the two countries and the treaty on friendship, good-neighbourliness and cooperation concluded between the two countries in February 2000 were important milestones in bolstering up relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Russian Federation in April 2019, which was an event of great significance in developing the traditional friendly and cooperative ties between the two countries onto a new high stage in line with the requirements of the new era under the new situation.

Through the historic first summit meeting with President Putin, the Supreme Leader built good friendly relations with him and further strengthened the bond of strategic and traditional friendship between the DPRK and Russia.

In his speech at the reception to welcome the DPRK leader on a visit to Russia President Putin expressed his willingness to continue to work together with the DPRK to defuse tensions on the Korean peninsula and strengthen security in the whole Northeast Asian region.

In his return address the Supreme Leader expressed his decision to usher in a new heyday of the development of bilateral relations true to the intentions of the preceding leaders.

At the summit meeting and talks the top leaders of the two countries agreed on the detailed ways and measures to further promote mutual understanding and trust, friendship and cooperation and stimulate the growth of bilateral friendly ties in the new century.

The world media splashed the news, saying the summit meeting and talks were an important occasion of great significance in developing friendly relations.

The summit meeting between the leaders of the two countries gave a renewed impetus to the collaboration, exchange and cooperation between the governments, parliaments, regions and organizations of the two countries. The minister of Development of the Far East and Arctic, the delegation of the Ministry of Defence, the deputy foreign minister, the delegation of major media organizations and others of Russia visited Pyongyang and the DPRK government delegation, the delegations of the Supreme People’s Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others visited Russia.

The DPRK and Russia will work hard to contribute to ensuring regional and world peace and security while further consolidating bilateral friendly and cooperative ties.

(Pyongyang Times - April 24, 2020)

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