Monumental work illustrating DPRK's victorious road

DPRK stamp for Supreme Leader's Policy Speech April 2019
DPRK stamp for Supreme Leader's policy speech on April 12, 2019. (Photo KCNA)

By Yu Chol
Rodong Sinmun

At a time when the frontal offensive for opening a new avenue of socialist construction is being dynamically waged under the leadership of the great Workers' Party of Korea, we greeted the first anniversary of the publication of the famous work of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un "On Socialist Construction and the Internal and External Policies of the Government of the Republic at the Present Stage."

This policy speech made by the Supreme Leader at the First Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK on April 12, Juche 108 (2019) is an important guideline that illuminated the duties and fighting tasks facing the government of the DPRK.

It is of great theoretical and practical significance in developing our revolution as it provides an overall solution to the problems urgently required by the times ranging from the problem of thoroughly implementing the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist ideas of State building in the construction of a powerful socialist country to the problem of solidifying the material foundations of socialism by concentrating all the country’s efforts on economic construction and of improving the North-South relations and ensuring peace on the Korean peninsula.

Amid the struggle for modeling the whole society with Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism which is dynamically carried on true to his policy speech, the might of our State has been remarkably increased.

Though unprecedented and harsh trials and difficulties stood in the way of advance, all the people went an all-out dash for opening a broad avenue to the victory of socialism, united close around the DPRK government.

The successes registered in bolstering up the national power in the past one year prove that any harsh and dangerous difficulties, which others will not withstand even a single day but yield to them, can neither stop nor delay the rush of our state and people.

It is the firm faith of our people that the future of the DPRK is rosy thanks to the immortal programme clearly indicating the path of accomplishing the cause of popular masses' independence and the socialist cause.

This work is a mighty weapon that enables our Republic to display its dignity as an invincible socialist power.

It also serves as a militant banner that allows us to fortify our own force, the internal motive force.

It is an inspiring banner that gives confidence and courage to all the countries and peoples of the world aspiring after independence, justice and peace as well as our people and powerfully encourages them to fight against imperialism.

(Text compiled from abridged versions of Rodong Sinmun and KCNA dated April 13, 2020. -ed.)
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