Prospect for frontal offensive in DPRK

DPRK Stamp: Frontal Offensive
Strategic offensive for head-on breakthrough by dint of self-reliance (Image from a DPRK stamp)

Today the DPRK is vigorously launching an offensive for smashing straight through all the barriers in the way of its advance. Its prospect is now stealing the limelight of many pundits and analysts.

The matter of primary interest of analysts is that the DPRK has taken the initiative in the offensive for a frontal breakthrough.

Based on a scientific analysis of its subjective and objective conditions, the DPRK put forward a strategic line on launching the offensive. What is noteworthy in the analysis and conclusion is that it has been exposed to economic blockade imposed by the hostile forces which persisted for the most protracted period in the world and that the hostile forces are making an attempt to completely stamp it out by stalling for time to reduce its strength. If the DPRK fails to put spurs to the struggle for bolstering its strength for self-development, the offensive of the hostile forces will get fiercer. For this reason, it had no other option but to launch an offensive for a frontal breakthrough to win final victory in the showdown with them and hastening a new victory in the drive to build a powerful socialist nation.

This strategic decision brought home once again to the international community the fact that the DPRK will never sell its dignity which it has so far defended as valuable as its own life and that it will not get itself adapted to the change of objective situation but carve out its own destiny independently by itself. The Korean people learned to live on their own, deal with enemies and difficulties and defend their dignity and rights in the protracted and harsh environment unprecedented in history. It is their faith and will to defend the dignity of the country and defeat imperialism by achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance and even by tightening their belts. Such a nation with steadfast spirit of independence will never perish.

Even under the situation when maintenance of existence was regarded as a miracle in the teeth of sanctions, they carried out the projects to renovate Samjiyon City and build the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort and the Jungphyong Vegetable Greenhouse Farm and Tree Nursery at the end of last year, eloquently proving their indomitable mental strength. The DPRK resolutely declared its determination to launch an offensive for a frontal breakthrough based on this mental strength, thus dealing another heavy blow to the hostile forces. After all, it has taken the initiative.

Analysts are paying close attention to the solid foundations for the internal potentials of the DPRK and their development.

From the early days of building a new country, the Korean people aspired to the development of a self-supporting economy and have laid its foundations for several decades. The DPRK, based on the inexhaustible potentials, remained unperturbed by any worldwide economic upheavals.

The same can be said of the present situation. The DPRK is accelerating its advance to hit the development targets for economic growth its own way, relying on domestic raw materials, resources and technologies. Such major projects as the construction of the Wonsan Kalma coast resort, Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory and Orangchon Power Station are being promoted in a three-dimensional and comprehensive way in different parts of the country. The hot wind of such campaigns to recycle waste materials in the light industry sector, develop and widely use various renewable energy sources, increase production and practise economy to the maximum and bring about a surge in production by dint of its own scientific and technological strength are sweeping over the country.

Its powerful self-reliant defence capability with war deterrent provides a reliable guarantee for developing the economy and ensuring peace in the Korean peninsula, Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Analysts attach great importance to the correct leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK government, which have advanced correct lines at every stage of development, indicating the road ahead of its people.

The Fifth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh WPK Central Committee held in December last year set forth a new strategic line on overcoming the severe trials and opening an avenue for building a powerful socialist country in the present vital period. With their deep insight into the defects of the hostile forces, the WPK and the DPRK government are always taking the initiative in the showdown with them.

The DPRK, which speeds up the building of a socialist power, frustrating the hostile forces' isolation-and-stifle manoeuvres, will surely emerge victorious in the ongoing offensive for a frontal breakthrough.

(Naenara - April 8, 2020)

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