More economy agitprop is needed

Let us inspire the frontal offensive for making a breakthrough with agitation for increased production

By Rodong Sinmun

Art squads and agitation squads at a coal mining site in the west area of the DPRK in January. (File Photo Uriminzokkiri)

Today, a frontal offensive for opening a broad avenue of socialism through manifold ordeals and difficulties is underway.

This reality demands that agitation for increased production be more briskly conducted to inspire the enthusiasm of the masses.

The agitation for increased production is a powerful political undertaking to inspire the masses to implement the policy of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Only when it is energetically conducted, can people's revolutionary enthusiasm and creative ingenuity be given full play to bring about incessant upswings in socialist construction.

The key to victory in the ongoing offensive for a frontal attack for breaking through the severest challenges and hardships ever known in history is the ideological work for giving the fullest play to the spiritual strength of the popular masses, the driving force of socialist construction.

Whenever our revolution was confronted with huge task, our Party wrought a miracle of the century by giving the fullest play to the spiritual strength of the popular masses through powerful agitation for increased production.

Brilliant victories were won in the 70-day campaign in the 1970s, world-startling successes registered during the Arduous March and a great golden age in construction witnessed for the past eight years, all of which are clear manifestation of the wise guidance of our Party which steps up the revolution and construction by holding fast to ideology and by dint of its might.

The Party dispatched numbers of art squads and agitation squads to the coal mining front for the purpose of making every coalfield seethe with enthusiasm for increased production. This is a manifestation of its steadfast will to definitely transform today's frontal offensive into an ideological campaign.

All Party organizations and officials, true to the Party’s intention, should actively launch agitation services for increased production for inspiring masses and thus bring about a new upsurge in socialist construction.

The agitation should be conducted with its focus placed on making the masses have a correct understanding of the Party’s lines and policies, the fighting tasks facing them and ways for their implementation.

An intensive agitprop offensive should be waged after setting the direction and objects of the agitation correctly.

The agitation should be conducted in various forms and methods to enhance its effectiveness to the maximum.

The Party organizations at all levels should make sure that the agitation for increased production is conducted in a substantial manner.

All the Party organizations and officials should make the vibrant militant stamina and revolutionary enthusiasm sweep the whole country through an uninterrupted agitation for increased production.

(Abridgment from Rodong Sinmun and KCNA - April 28, 2020)

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