DPRK overcomes bio-warfare rehearsal

Twitter cover photo of Dr Kee Park
(Twitter cover photo of Dr Kee Park)


That the fragile can subdue the strong is a common knowledge in the cultural zone of chinese character.

A news story, which contains words such as COVID-19, fragile, weak, and warfare, may give an answer:

North Korea managed to push back COVID-19, analyst says

New York, April 14 (UPI) -- North Korea may have experienced some success in driving back the novel coronavirus because of measures taken in January and few cases near its 880-mile border with China, a U.S. medical expert said Tueday.

Kee Park, a lecturer in global health at Harvard Medical School who has visited North Korea for humanitarian purposes for over a decade, said during a United States Institute of Peace discussion that the Kim Jong Un regime's approach to COVID-19 may have had a better outcome than many believe.

Park did not comment on North Korea's claim of "zero" cases of the deadly disease within its borders. The analyst did say North Korea took early measures, some preceding the lockdown of China's Hubei Province. [...]

(UPI - April 14, 2020)
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