China media fire Pompeo

US state secretary Pompeo's recently frequent lectures on the China-responsible theory surrounding COVID-19 pandemic has inescapably ushered in the era of blame war surpassing blame game between PRC and the United States.

Now is China's momentary turn.

Chinese concentric fire on Pompeo
Editorial of the People's Daily, China. (Screenshot)

The People's Daily in its editorial on Monday denounced that Pompeo has been busy in spreading a political virus against China. It said, the resonsibility is hardly escapable.

He is spreading the dangerous "political virus" everywhere. Fanning the flames of prejudice and arrogance, he creates rumours and dissipated the energy of mankind to jointly fight the novel coronavirus. He strives to bring the world into a situation of confrontation.

A day before, the Global Times was also furious enough to name Pompeo as an enemy to the world peace.

Lies may fulfill Pompeo's personal ambition, but they will never accomplish the US dreams to be "great again." Pompeo is not only a figure harmful to world peace, but also should be listed as the worst US secretary of state in its history.

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