China refutes US allegation about nuke test

(KR) Beijing on Thursday refuted Washington's accusations that China may have secretly conducted low-level nuclear test blasts at the Lop Nur nuclear weapons test site throughout 2019.

The accusations are included in the Compliance Report released by the US State Department on Wednesday.

Spokesperson Zhao Lijian of PRC MFA told reporters that China has been committed to a moratorium on nuclear tests.

"We refuse to dignify the groundless US allegation with a refutation," he said. "We urge the US to take a hard look at itself in the mirror and stop judging others."

Following are his answers made on April 16:

PRC FM Spokesperson Zhao Lijian's Regular Press Conference on April 16, 2020

Beijing Youth Daily: On April 15, the US State Department released the Executive Summary of the 2020 Adherence to and Compliance with Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments (Compliance Report), in which it accused China of not fulfilling its commitment to nuclear testing moratorium and missile non-proliferation and questioned the voluntary Biological Weapons Convention confidence building measure (BWC CBM) declarations China has submitted. What's your comment?

Zhao Lijian: We note the report. In recent years, the US has been fabricating the so-called Compliance Report annually, posturing as a judge or referee to criticize other countries' arms control and non-proliferation measures and style itself as a "model". This is distorting facts and blaming the innocent.

China holds that treaties and mechanisms in arms control and non-proliferation are important pillars underpinning international peace, security and stability and should be observed and implemented. With a high sense of responsibility, we fulfill our international obligations and commitments, uphold multilateralism and pursue international cooperation, which contributes to safeguarding the international arms control and non-proliferation regime as well as world peace and security. Our efforts are witnessed by the international community. We refuse to dignify the groundless US allegation with a refutation.

But perhaps we can look at what the US has done in recent years. Under the banner of "America first", it pulled out of the INF and the JCPOA, unsigned the Arms Trade Treaty, and stood in the way of negotiations for a protocol that includes a verification regime to the Biological Weapons Convention. Instead of destroying its chemical weapons stockpile, it sought a comprehensive military build-up, seriously disrupting global strategic equilibrium and stability and hampering international arms control and disarmament process. All these have been condemned by the international community. We urge the US to take a hard look at itself in the mirror and stop judging others.

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