Beware of Japan war force


The Japanese reactionaries have more persistently beefed up the military muscle.

They are planning to deploy Aegis Ashore interceptor missile system in Akita Prefecture at any cost in defiance of the strong opposition from their fellow countrymen and the neighboring countries.

Not content with it, they deployed the surface-to-air and surface-to-warship missile unit on the island off the coast of a region earlier than schedule and officially organized a transport air force to start the duty of dispatching units of "Self-Defense Forces" and war supplies to battlefields any moment.

The moves are serious developments as they are the open revelation of the intention to militarily stand face to face with neighboring countries to the last.

It is well known that Japan has pressed ahead with its arms buildup since its defeat out of extreme malice, deceiving the international community.

But it is the first time that the right-wing reactionaries of the island nation have pushed forward with military plans as impudently, rapidly and simultaneously as now.

The "defense expenses" have risen to record high for six consecutive years and 5 trillion 313.3 billion yen has already been earmarked for national defense this year. The cost of the cutting-edge military hardware with various missions Japan bought from its allies in 2011 stood at 43.2 billion yen and the cost rose sharply to 701.3 billion yen in 2019. The facts show that Japan has spent a colossal sum of money on the purchase and development of military hardware.

They have also pressed ahead with the plan to set up an outer space operation force and electronic warfare unit and other new units so as to make the sky, land, sea, outer space and cyber space theatres of war for aggression.

Talking about "poor security circumstances," they are never concealing the truth that the military developments target the DPRK, China and Russia.

All the moves were made after the present chief executive said in a policy speech in January last year that he would push ahead with the reform at a rate fundamentally different from the previous one in order to build new defense strength.

It is crystal clear to all that Japan's rushing headlong into turning itself into a military power will invite a terrible catastrophe to the regional peace and stability, as it is a war criminal state which had Asia be drenched in a sea of blood and started the Pacific War in the last century and has looked away from its crimes in the past.

A warship of the Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force" dashed against a Chinese fishing boat in the waters in the Sea of East China, threatening its safe voyage, which is a clear advance notice of the catastrophe the militarist expansion policy will invite.

Japan is the aggression force, war force, which the international community must keep a special watch on.

Japan is going to reinvade Korea, to begin with, and then the rest of Asia, and to conquer the rest of the world. Herein lies the danger of the undisguised moves of Japan towards making itself a military power.

Mankind which values sovereignty and peace must not overlook such moves.

(KCNA - April 20, 2020)

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