Habit of prioritizing state's interests

By Rodong Sinmun

Working manner of prioritizing state's interests
The establishment of standpoint and working manner that prioritize the state's interests in the economic work and submit everything to it is important to win victory in the on-going offensive for making a breakthrough head-on.

We should strictly establish the viewpoint which deals with all the matters arising in production and management activities from the standpoint of the state.

We should deeply bear in mind that our happiness and future depend on the prosperity of the state and the development of the country on whether every unit discharges the responsibility they have to the state or not.

Every unit should establish the strict discipline of regarding the state plan as an unbreakable legal assignment and carrying out it unconditionally.

All the fields and units should not seek small immediate interests, pinning their hope on other countries when they face difficulties in implementing the national economic plan, but solve all the problems in close cooperation with production units, research units and development units in the country.

It is important to further strengthen the Cabinet-responsibility system and Cabinet-centred system in the economic work.

We should establish the strong disciplinary regulations to make subordinate units unconditionally implement the decisions and instructions on the economic work made by the cabinet.

Let us all establish the habit of giving priority to the state's interests and thus give full play to the latent power, infinite potentiality of our state in the on-going offensive for making a breakthrough head-on.

(KCNA - April 1, 2020)

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