Zeal for expedition to Mt Paektu

Over 830 groups have toured revolutionary battle sites
Officials of the Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) Presidium on the summit of Mt Paektu on February 27, 2020. (Photo KCNA)

Over 830 groups have toured revolutionary battle sites

The zeal for expedition to the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu has run high as never before in this winter.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's historic horseback march to revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu early in December last year served as an important occasion that raised the fierce flames of education in the revolutionary traditions to prepare the whole Party, all the people and the entire army to be the indomitable ranks with the offensive idea of Mt Paektu, the revolutionary spirit of Paektu.

After a group of Party information workers from across the country began its expedition to the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu from December 10 last year, over 830 expedition groups of officials of Party and power organs, working people's organizations, ministries, national institutions and armed forces organs in Pyongyang and local areas and those of institutions, industrial establishments, farms and schools in different parts of the country, working people, youth and students and service personnel of the People's Army mounted Mt Paektu, the sacred mountain of the revolution, pushing their way through blizzards that swept across the vast land of Paektu, as of March 25

During the tour of the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu last year, the Supreme Leader set forth the practical programme for comprehending the revolutionary traditions and the revolutionary spirit to make everyone feel immediately how severe difficulties and trials the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners had overcome.

The Supreme Leader said that through the expedition to Mt Paektu in balmy spring, it is impossible to learn about the soul and spirit of Mt Paektu, stressing that only when one feels in their flesh the bitter cold, can one keenly realize the tenacity, fighting spirit and revolutionary spirit of the forerunners and how much the cold stirs the zeal to make a revolution and one's blood. In hearty response to his instructions, an endless stream of expedition groups has visited the revolutionary battle sites in the area of Mt Paektu, the center for education in revolutionary traditions, in this winter.

Making expeditions to the revolutionary battle sites, including Paektusan Secret Camp, Chongbong and Konchang bivouacs, Mudubong Secret Camp, Kanbaeksan Secret Camp, Mupho Bivouac and Taehongdan Revolutionary Battle Site, the groups keenly realized once again that the revolutionary traditions of Juche took root thanks to the outstanding leadership of President Kim Il Sung who brought back to life the soul of the nation.

Touring the revolutionary battle sites which were splendidly built as a great seat for the education in the revolutionary traditions, they recalled with reverence the undying feats of Chairman Kim Jong Il who pioneered the expedition to Mt Paektu and turned the mountain into the native place dear to the hearts of all our people, their mental pillar.

Their colorful political and cultural activities like campfire meeting to hear the impressions of reminiscences of anti-Japanese guerrillas, frontline-style publication of news during the march, recreation gatherings during break in forests and Korean wrestling on snowy place showed well their will to become stalwart partisans of the new century who embody the revolutionary spirit and fighting traits of the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters.

All the members of expedition groups climbed Mt Paektu, a strategic base of the Korean revolution and source of the tremendous might of our country.

The march to Mt Paektu in the face of blizzards was a significant occasion that made all the members of expedition groups keenly feel the true call of Mt Paektu and harden their determination to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered on Paektu.

The expedition to the blizzard-swept revolutionary battle sites, a new learning place of the revolution named "Paektusan University" by our Party, will be invariably carried forward as the eternal march of the Juche revolution, adding to the lively breath and spirit of sure victory of our country that is making leap forward under the banner of achieving prosperity by dint of self-reliance, regarding the revolutionary traditions of Mt Paektu as its lifeline.

(KCNA - March 27, 2020)
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