Uphold socialist culture and lifestyle

Uphold and glorify socialist culture and lifestyle

By Rodong Sinmun

It is an important matter directly linked with the building of a powerful country to preserve and add brilliance to socialist culture and lifestyle.

The powerful socialist country that we are building is the one, most developed and advanced in political, military, economic and cultural aspects, with the revolutionary, militant and wholesome spirit overflowing the society.

The imperialists are keen on anti-DPRK maneuvers to lay barriers to its advance, on ideological and cultural poisoning in particular.

It is high time for all the people to work and live in a more militant way with revolutionary ideological consciousness and high cultural and intellectual knowledge, aware of themselves as masters responsible for building the powerful country.

We should acquire a firm viewpoint that our culture and lifestyle are the best.

We should spruce up our dwellings and worksites in a hygienic and cultured way, keep ourselves neat and trim and develop our culinary culture to boost the flavor of national character.

The youth and students in particular should work hard to bring into full bloom our culture and lifestyle.

We should launch a vigorous struggle to prevent immoral, uncultured and alien way of life from infiltrating into our society.

We should keep a close vigilance against the imperialists' ideological and cultural poisoning with the revolutionary principle and class consciousness, and timely frustrate no matter what it may be.

Let us all bring our culture and lifestyle into full bloom with high national self-respect and opening a broad avenue for a new advance in the socialist construction.

(KCNA - March 30, 2020)
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