Unbreakable will of our people to believe in and follow only the Party

Unbreakable will of Korean people

By Kim Chol Ryong
Rodong Sinmun

The valiant spirit of Juche Korea dynamically advancing toward the rosy future by overcoming all the challenges and difficulties is a powerful eruption of the unbreakable revolutionary will of our people boundlessly loyal to the cause of the Party.

The will to believe in and follow only the Party grows neither of its own accord nor by pressure from someone. It is the loftiest and sincerest mind based on the ardent reverence for and absolute trust in the leader and on the validity of the Party's idea and line and inevitability of their victory.

Under the worst condition that others would not withstand even a single day, our people have steadily followed the road of socialism without a moment's stop and any deviation.

The most firm faith and strong will in the world are the faith acquired through life and the will cemented through struggle.

The high dignity and invincibility of our Party are based on the steadfast faith and will of our people who firmly believe in and follow the Party only.

Our Party decided without hesitation to wage another arduous and protracted struggle and has opened up the broad avenue towards the victory of socialism, as it has firm belief in our people who are sharing the idea and intention with the Party and keeping pace with it.

The final victory is in store for our people who are carrying on vigorous struggle with strong faith and will.

(KCNA - March 17, 2020)

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