Powerful ideological offensive

Let's achieve national prosperity with the spirit of self-reliance and self-development
DPRK post stamp: "Let us achieve national prosperity with the might of self-reliance and self-development!" (Photo KCNA)

Rodong Sinmun says in an editorial Thursday that the on-going frontal attack for making a breakthrough to attain grand goals under the rapidly-changing situation calls for directing primary efforts to giving full play to the ideological and mental power of the popular masses:

By Rodong Sinmun

It is an invariable mode of struggle of the Workers' Party of Korea to resolve all the problems and accelerate the advance of the revolution by dint of idea.

The WPK has prioritized the ideological work, holding aloft the banner of the theory of giving importance to ideology during the whole course of its leadership over the revolution and construction.

Thanks to the wise leadership of the Party which has firmly and invariably adhered to the principle of giving priority to the ideological work despite upheavals of history, our revolution has climbed a "high mountain" whenever an upswing has been effected in ideological work.

The offensive for breaking through head-on all the barriers to our advance and opening a road of advance toward the victory of socialism precisely means the ideological campaign.

The fresh and offensive ideological campaign is the main stratagem for arousing the revolutionary enthusiasm of the people to be directed at achieving practical and great success as intended by the Party this year, the first year of the frontal attack for making a breakthrough.

We have to launch a vigorous ideological offensive for the grand general onward march to glorify the 75th founding anniversary of the WPK, holding fast to the ideological theory of Juche as the banner of victory in the revolution and construction.

(KCNA - March 26, 2020)

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