Park Hae Jon urges punishment for sycophantic and traitorous crimes

According to a report on March 16, the permanent representative of a south Korean civic organization called for attaining a victory of the democratic reform forces in the election of "national assemblymen".

Park Hae Jon
Park Hae Jon
The permanent representative claimed that the south Korean people are facing an urgent task to repel the challenge of outside forces and sycophantic traitors keen on messing up the valuable achievements of the candlelight resistance in the upcoming election.

Stressing that the election would be an occasion of showdown between patriots and sycophantic traitors, the permanent representative pointed out that all the political parties and organizations should achieve firm unity and solidarity, irrespective of their political interests, so as to smash the moves of the sycophantic traitors.

(KCNA - March 18, 2020)

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