'North wind' hysterics and 'security' racket


The south Korean conservative group is again whipping up the "north wind" hysterics.

In recent days, the group of traitors including the "United Future Party" is massively spreading the "rumor about the north's interference in general election", saying that the north is conducting the psychological warfare to agitate the public for judging the conservative political party through media and that it can commit a provocation.

As the saying goes, the leopard cannot change its spots.

The "north wind" racket is a stereotyped method employed by the conservatives every election time and a treacherous and unpardonable act for realizing the sinister political ambition of the conservative group to seize power by fanning the atmosphere of provoking confrontation with the DPRK and accelerating the rally of its forces.

Successive conservative forces of south Korea have persistently raised the "north wind" such as the "rumor about the intervention of the People's Army in the May 18 Kwangju Popular Uprising", the "rumor about the north's hacking into the network of the peasant's association" and the "rumor about the north's fabrication of the drone incident", and resorted to "security" racket whenever they were thrown into the political crisis.

This time, too, schemers are making desperate efforts to make an opportunity favorable for establishing a conservative regime by holding domination over National Assembly through the victory in the coming "general election" at any cost.

They are inciting the people to confrontation with the fellow countrymen, setting "the principled policy" towards the north as their election commitment and talking such nonsense that the north watches for every chance to invade the south and shows two faces of dialogue and provocation.

Shortly ago, traitor Hwang Kyo An was very emphatic about the possibility of provocation from someone at the hall of national assemblymen, saying that warship "Cheonan" sank by the provocation of the north, and south Koreans should not forget the young people's sacrifice.

It is, indeed, the shame of the nation that the traitors behave themselves recklessly to usurp the power while seeking a way-out in the confrontation with the fellow countrymen and escalation of tension, indifferent to the destiny and future of the nation.

Candlelight demonstrators desirous of peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula and progressive development of the society spitted at traitors and immoral persons including the conservatives long ago.

As long as the group of traitors is not eliminated completely, the pain of national division which the Korean people suffer will further increase and the tragic submission to outsiders which the south Korean people have been subject to will continue.

The conservative group should be removed from the list of the nation as soon as possible.

(KCNA - March 5, 2020)

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